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Look at it from the perspective of a baby that has spent its entire life in the mother’s womb. Did you know that it is only a little quieter down there than in the garden when the lawnmower is running? For infants, 'loud' is 'normal'. That’s why it’s so difficult for them to find themselves in a quiet environment outside the uterus. White noise can help to recreate that “homely” feeling for them.

Every baby needs loud white noise during sleep, at least until they turn one. White noise is the most efficient, easiest-to-use, and – which is no less important – most cost-effective (and often free) way to give your baby a restful sleep. It is quite unbelievable that most parents don’t use white noise at all or they do so improperly. Some are concerned that their child may become dependent on such assistance, or they are unwilling to spend money on a device designed to generate noise. However, white noise is by far the best way to help both the child and the parent. Want to know why?

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1. White noise reduces stress in children

Babies are stressed out by pretty much everything! They are overwhelmed by the plethora of stimuli and situations that they don’t yet know how to deal with, as well as their own fatigue, changing light, new faces, and voices. White noise creates a safe space for them by mitigating or even blocking out these elements.

2. Thanks to white noise, children not only sleep better but also longer

Babies wake up on average every 20-45 minutes. It is often difficult for them to fall back asleep, especially during the day. White noise helps to avoid these awakenings and produce longer and more regenerative naps. It is also excellent for blocking out everyday noise (older siblings, knocking on doors, traffic, etc.) that may interfere with your baby’s naps.

3. White noise makes children cry less

For white noise to have the desired effect, it must be louder than your baby’s crying. If the sound is too quiet, the baby will only hear their own crying. So however strange it may sound, you should shush your baby loudly. Soothing noise should dominate your baby’s crying completely. This may be quite a challenge as it’s sometimes necessary to use these sounds for a long time. Rather than producing such sounds yourself, therefore, a better idea is to use the right electrical device, such as a vacuum cleaner, or play a video on YouTube containing this sound.

4. White noise reduces the risk of crib death

Studies have shown that babies who have a fan in their room (a source of white noise) are much less susceptible to SIDS. However, opinion is divided – it is not entirely clear whether it is the additional air circulation or the sound of the device that is more important. But what is known, is that white noise reduces active sleep, which is when crib death occurs most often.

5. Weaning a baby off white noise is not a problem.

When your baby turns one, you can gradually decrease the white noise. If your baby responds well, i.e. they continue to sleep peacefully, you can stop using it altogether. But if you notice that they start to wake up more often, there’s no problem with continuing to use white noise.

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